Go Beyond The Keynote

Why just talk about culture when you can have an experience?  Our greatest memories aren’t about content. They’re about the people, the emotions, the activities, the games, the entertainment. These experiences include all of these dynamics for interactive games that your people won’t forget.

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“When we booked Robert, we knew that his content and delivery would be impressive. Little did we know he was going to revolutionize the way each one of us perceives and engages in our own company culture. From Executive Management to employees at every level within our HQ office, we have seen extremely positive, radical changes in tactics, across-the-board attitude, willingness to engage in the co-creation of strategies and solutions, and the way we conduct day-to-day business.”

Ivan Meisner

CEO, Business Networking International (BNI)

The Open Space Experience

The smartest people in the room are your own people. So why should the strategy be determined by only the top brass or an outside consultant?

Using principles of high performance and self-organization, Robert creates a game that lets the group focus on what they are most passionate about, then follow up with recorded insights and action items.

Tony Hsieh had Robert use this as the opening event for his Downtown Project’s off-site and many team members called it the most productive time they had ever spent on the company. Robert has also facilitated Open Space for Intuit and BNI.

  • A fun, safe environment to explore the most important issues
  • All the most important topics to achieve your goal
  • A fun, safe environment to learn the truth
  • Connection across departments
  • An actionable report, across the company
  • A renewed spirit in the culture


“I brought Robbe in to speak to 1200 high performers at our annual Biohacking Conference. He delivered a world class keynote on the Xpill and an interactive experience that had everyone buzzing. If you want to help your people get to the next level & you’re looking for an exciting outside the box solution, I highly recommend Robbe Richman’s Xpill keynote & breakout experience.”

Dave Asprey

CEO, Bulletproof Coffee

The Xpill Experience

XPill isn’t a drug, vitamin, or supplement. It’s an experience; a ritual. You decide what the pill will help you do.

The simple ritual, and the act of swallowing the Xpill, is a physical and spiritual commitment unlike any other. Because once you do it, there’s no going back.

Xpill, is by definition, a placebo. The power of Xpill comes, not from its ingredients, but from its central role in a powerful, mind-shifting, life-altering practice that can, and has, changed lives already.

  • Help you become aware of your unconscious blocks.
  • Show you what’s in your way
  • Give you clarity on your goals
  • Connect you with your other leaders
  • Experience fun, connection and new inspiration

“Rob is a fantastic, dynamic speaker. His speech was a turning point in the conference because after he spoke, the word “revolution” came up in many conversations afterward, and we felt alive with possibilities. Rob has always made himself available for follow-up calls and to help us refine both our thinking and our business model.”

Traci Fenton

Founder & CEO, WorldBlu

The Culture Revolution

Most culture change is forced. What if it could happen organically, with your direction?

The Culture Revolution process uses complex-adaptive systems theory to create patterns of divergence and convergence that are directed, yet form organically around that direction. In other words, you gain control by getting clear on intentions and then strategically go out of control to empower your people.

  • Two all-company Open Space events
  • Facilitated meetings for your leadership
  • Guidance through the culture hacking process
  • A way to track change across time
  • Results you can see

“We have been working together for 3 years now. You pushed me in ways that I was uncomfortable with, but in hindsight it was exactly what I needed. You taught me how to ask the right questions and to look at the business in a very different way. You have helped me become a better leader than I already was. And my success is in no small part due to what we’ve done together.

Jonathan Green
Director HQ Customer Service Operations, Verizon