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Culture Revolution

The Online & Blended Learning division of Pearson had a classic challenge. The company was an acquisition, and while it was performing, energy was waning, and people did not feel like an integrated part of Pearson.

Read on to learn how this division became the top-performing culture company.

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Keynote | Xpill

Dave Asprey, CEO of Bulletproof asked Robert to keynote his annual Upgraded biohacking conference.  Robert presented a keynote on stage that many called the best presentation of the weekend, and then hosted a breakout session for people to actually take the pill.

Here’s what Dave had to say:
“I brought Robbe in to speak to 1200 high performers at our annual Biohacking Conference. He delivered a world class keynote on the Xpill and an interactive experience that had everyone buzzing. If you want to help your people get to the next level and you’re looking for an exciting outside the box solution, I highly recommend Robbe Richman’s Xpill keynote and breakout experience.”

Keynote | Xpill

Coldwell Banker had Robert speak about culture, and he took them all through the Xpill Experience. They were all surprised to find that the Xpill was under each of their chairs!

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Google brought in Robert to talk about customer service and the best practices when it comes to WOWing customers, He advised both the US and European headquarters, working with a company that was not used to providing phone-based customer service.

Culture Hacking

The innovation division at Toyota US headquarters brought in Robert to talk about culture hacking and the company was lit up. In one particularly memorable scene, Robert introduced the idea of optional meetings. Half the crowd erupted in joy while the other half shrank in terror, wondering how they could ever get people to come to their meetings. The ensuing discussion was so engaging as it drove conversation about the truth about meetings.”

“A lot of people who attended are still talking about you and asking how they can get in touch with you and your book…great job the experience was AWESOME and ACHIEVED!! Thanks so much for totally blowing my expectation clear out of the water!!”
-Beena Patel, Toyota Financial services.

Culture Hacking

The international leadership for Bridgestone tires brought Robert Richman in to talk about culture hacking and lead them through a culture hacking exercise. The leaders from around the world heard Robert speak about culture and then broke up into groups to actively go to work on hacking culture itself, right then and there at the conference.


Robert keynoted the annual International Leadership conference with hotel managers from around the world coming in to learn the best ways to lead their hotels. When Robert gave his final, game-changing hack, the COO of the entire company brought his managers into a room to use the hack immediately (before the party even started!).  Managers still remember that moment.

“I remember that moment very clearly. It shifted everything for us and we still talk about it.”
Arjun Channa, General Manager, Westin Calgary

Culture Hacking | Xpill

Designs for Health is a premiere supplement company, so they brought in Robert not only for the culture hacking experience, but also the Xpill Experience. There were tears as people bonded and learned more about each other than any standard keynote presentation.

“It was phenomenal to hear you speak this week. I don’t think DFH has ever experienced a meeting quite as engaging and inspiring as what we pulled off this year and it was largely in part to your work on Monday and Wednesday. There was certainly a breakthrough for several folks. I really can’t thank you enough. Culture is the backbone of all we do and I’m glad that this message is now being spread throughout the company.”

– Shawnee Mora, Director, Marketing Programs and Events, Designs For Health