Why Talk About Culture?
Build a stronger culture
through experiences.

The smartest people in the room are your own people. So why should strategy be determined by only the top brass or an outside consultant?

Using principles of high performance and self-organization, Robert creates a game that lets the group focus on what they are most passionate about then follow up with recorded insights and action items.

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What The Open Space Experience
Can Do For Your Team


  • Break down barriers between teams
  • Increase engagement & buy in across your organization
  • Create ownership of projects & increase accountability
  • Build systems to identify issues and reduce turnover
  • Establish a Culture working toward a singular mission & goal
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The Culture Revolution

Open Space is the first step in creating a full culture revolution to develop the self-managed company where people are driven, and working together on the vision with demonstrable results. Read about how Pearson Education became a top-performing culture (as rated by the McKinsey evaluation).