This is a podcast all about culture hacking – at companies, in business and the world. It is hosted by Robert Richman and a cast of hackers, troublemakers, movers and shakers. This is where Robert has real, uncensored, open conversations with fascinating people in culture.

Creating a Category with Mark Frohnmayer

It’s one thing to launch a new business. It’s another thing to create an entire category. We get into with the creator of the FUV – Fun Utility Vehicle.

Unfollow Your Passion with Teri Trespacio

Everyone says to follow your passion, but what if that’s actually the worst idea.  We get into it with Teri Trespacio. She’s the author of Unfollow Your Passion, a book Mel Robbins calls “A Must Read.”

Hacking Humanity with Berke Brown

Back for the first time in a long time with my good friend and fellow culture hacker, Berke Brown.

Disrupting Dating (Part 2) The Solution

Disrupting Dating (Part 1)

You know an industry is ripe for disruption when people hate the experience but use it anyway. This explains why that’s happening in the culture of dating.

The New Culture Hackers site

I’m excited to bring you the new Culture Hackers website. It’s still a work in progress, but sign up for updates so I can keep you informed!

Q&A with Robbe! – Culture Hackers Podcast


In this episode I take your questions and answer them!

The Idea: Fun times with Robbe and Kellen


Robbe Richman and Kellen Schuh talk culture, San Diego, coffee, music and many other things.