Have you been making some money with speaking but you’d like to make a lot more?
Are you looking to make speaking a greater part of your revenue?
Have you been unsure how to build and grow a speaking business?

I’ve been speaking for the past 8 years, at Fortune 500 companies. I started out charging a few thousand and now 30K domestic and 50K international. I work with 10 speaking bureaus, and… I’ve made a ton of mistakes. Costly, embarrassing, face-palm mistakes. (Like when I had to give back half the money!)

But I’ve also developed strong systems and techniques that have worked and scaled.

I get excited helping out speakers on the level of content, performance, and business development. And I’d like to share what I’ve learned through the years.

I’m hosting a small intensive, inviting 8 speakers to my house in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA (north San Diego), to have a one-day intensive to both share what I’ve learned and also improve people’s performance in real time.

We’ll cover these three areas, plus some fun in-between and after:

1. Content:

  • The 4-part speech structure that works every time
  • The modes of content you can mix and match
  • Speech timing
  • Developing a back-end offer
  • Hacks to get a book or course done quickly

2. Performance:

  • How to use the first 5 minutes to get the entire audience
  • How to hold attention throughout your talk
  • How to get the crowd back when you’ve lost them
  • The ideal eye contact method
  • How to see everything as “No problem” no matter what happens, or what it means to be “Pro”
  • Why and How you will LOVE being “nervous”
  • Speech timing – (not going over or under)
  • Emotionally structure an ending that can get a standing ovation

This will actually involve performing a 5-minute story in front of everyone. If you’re nervous about that, good. Remember, if you come here just to nail it, then you don’t learn anything and get value!

3. Business Development:

  • Pre-speech Prep
  • Structuring Client calls
  • Tracking your gigs
  • How you can have an assistant for very little money.
  • Follow-up hacks/tools
  • How to set your pricing
  • Working with speaking bureaus
  • How to get spin work (follow-on work)
  • Tech to get upwards of 80% opt-ins from the stage
  • Before you arrive I will check out your site and one of your videos so that I’m familiar with your work.

Here’s how the day will go: (tentative schedule)

8:00am-8:30am – Arrivals, Coffee, Getting to Know Each Other
8:30am-9:00am – Overview, gathering all questions
9:30am-10:00am – Performance techniques
10:00am-11:30am – Live performing and critiquing
11:30am -12:30pm – Content Techniques
12:30pm -1:30pm – Lunch (social together, or go separate if you’d like to work)
1:30pm -2:30pm – Business Development techniques
2:30pm – 4:00 pm – Challenges and Next steps
4:00pm – 5:00pm – Free time
5:00pm – 6:00pm – Optional set of 2nd performances, with guests present (if you would like to invite any)

At any point you can take free time and work, email, nap, use the gym, hot tub, sauna, pool, etc)

Date: Friday, January 31st


Since this is the alpha I’m offering it at a lower price point:


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