“We have been working together for 3 years now. You pushed me in ways that I was uncomfortable with, but in hindsight it was exactly what I needed. You taught me how to ask the right questions and to look at the business in a very different way. You have helped me become a better leader than I already was. And my success is in no small part due to what we’ve done together.

Jonathan Green
Director HQ Customer Service Operations, Verizon

“In 8 years of the ‘Facilitating Leadership in Excellence’ event, you were the BEST!”

Cheryl Bauman
Facilitator in Standards for Excellent, GM

“This book is one of the most interesting and comprehensive business guides I’ve ever read—and I’ve read quite a few. I can’t even imagine starting a business today, without The Culture Blueprint by my side. Get your hands on it! I personally guarantee you’ll be glad you did.”

Steve Dorfman
Host of We Mean Business!

“I was simply blown away…I brought Robert in for a speech, and he did more than just talk about culture, he gave us an experience that became a catalyst moment. The teams not only saw the importance of a strong culture, they are now excited about it and realize it’s everyone’s responsibility, not just mine as CEO.”

James Wallace
CEO Scorpio Media