Virtual Culture Blueprint

How to lead the remote, distributed workforce.



The New Game of Leadership

The world has gone virtual. How do you lead when you can’t see what everyone is doing? How do you create a strong culture? How do you deliver on time, while keeping people engaged and having fun? This online experience comes in the form of content as well as learning through the delivery itself.

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Your Team will Learn to:

  • Make meetings effective and engaging

  • Work collaboratively across space and time

  • Keep people from checking out

  • Develop rhythms and rituals

  • Balance work, life and family



Game Dynamics



Culture is a network of people. And networks can be hacked… to make it better.

Who is the most powerful person when it comes to computer networks? The systems designer? The programmer? No, it’s a hacker. Hackers get in and make big changes, quickly.  In this exciting and inspiring talk, Robert shares the principles and techniques behind culture hacking. Empower all your people to own the culture with this idea provoking talk.


“A lot of people who attended are still talking about you and asking how they can get in touch with you and your book…great job the experience was AWESOME and ACHIEVED!! Thanks so much for totally blowing my expectation clear out of the water!!”

Beena Patel

Toyota Financial Services

Culture Hacking

Culture Hacking a way for anyone at any level to shift the culture. As Culture Strategist for and the manager of Zappos Insights, Robert learned how to create change fast by using the power of hacking for good and applying them to culture. Robert leaves the group with three high leverage tools that can be used immediately to create long-term change.

Audiences are excited to become culture hackers and often report making changes the very next day.

  • How Hackers exploit networks, and what we can learn from them to shift the network of people.
  • Why it’s better to destroy what’s not working than to spend time and money on initiatives that may not work.
  • How to turn customer and employee complaints into innovation.
  • Pre-fabricated culture hacks based on years of testing.
  • Why standard feedback mechanisms don’t work, and how to hack them.
  • The secret to learning what is that you don’t know that you don’t know.

“Thank you so much for speaking at our conference. In 8 years of the “Facilitating Leadership in Excellence” event, you were the BEST! I will be getting your information and I will work on making a cultural paradigm shift with our dealership teams! Your energy and passion stirred up revival! BRAVO!!!”

Cheryl Bauman

Facilitator in Standards for Excellent, GM

The Dynamics of Disruption

Change is the new normal. Entire industries are being disrupted. Simply having a great product and service does not guarantee market leadership. And employees who are simply doing a good job is no longer the standard for a world class company.

In this talk Robert shares stories about disruption, and the principles behind it. It then gets really exciting when he shows how they can be applied to your business in a counter-intuitive way.  People at all levels of the company will benefit from learning how they can out-do themselves, increasing both performance, as well as people’s passion for their own jobs.

  • How the best organizations in the world keep their people inspired.
  • Why most culture work is actually the equivalent of spoiling children.
  • How to take the principles of online gaming and apply them to creating the most engaging experience for employees.
  • What to look for in new employees and questions that will help you learn the truth immediately.
  • The #1 metric to measure culture and how one small shift can create massive engagement.

“I was blown away. Robert’s insights and humor were so engaging, and I’ve already started thinking like a culture hacker. I realized the importance of leading by example, and I’m empowering my team to act as culture hackers.”

Suzanne Sully-Pniewski
Lowe’s Store Manager, Buffalo, NY