This is a podcast all about culture hacking – at companies, in business and the world. It is hosted by Robert Richman and a cast of hackers, troublemakers, movers and shakers. This is where Robert has real, uncensored, open conversations with fascinating people in culture.

Chapter 4 – The Culture Blueprint


Implementation. INCLUDES: – Ideation. Experiments over Prototypes. The Beta Blueprint. A Beta Story. Market Internally. The Culture Cell. Story Capture. Reinvention. The Process of Transformation

Chapter 3 – The Culture Blueprint


Design the Blueprint. INCLUDES: The Culture Blueprint. The Culture Growth Engine. Attract and Repulse. Job Descriptions. Interview Process. Induct and Initiate. Induct into the Organization. Team Initiation. New Manager Introduction. World Class Service. The New Service Model. Personalized Engagement. Coach Up or Coach Out. Dynamic Learning. Unbreakable Rituals. Empowerment. Epic Engagement. Share to Keep

Chapter 2 – The Culture Blueprint


Lay the Foundation. INCLUDES: Determine Your Mission. Create Your Vision. Establish Your Values. Why Values are Valuable. The Magic Formula. Types of Values. Clear Values vs. Vague Values. Optimize Your Values. The Mindset Model. The Core Value Discovery Formula. Aligning the Core Values. Navigating the Core Pitfalls. The True Values Test.

Intro – The Culture Blueprint


The Introduction chapters. INCLUDES: Who Is This Book For? Problems This Book Will Solve. The Installer. How this Book Got Started (Includes the Zappos story), and How to Use This Book.

Procrastination Hacking, with Shirley Eylor Asif


We get into hacking both procrastination and addiction.