Are you paying attention to how it feels?

April 30, 2015

Think of any conference you’ve been to. How much of the content can you tell me about?

For most of us, it’s hardly any. But we remember what we felt. We remember who we met. We remember who we liked.

It’s so easy to focus on content when we’re planning an event or even writing a book. But what do you want people to experience? What do you want them to feel?

Soon I’ll be hosting a panel of executives speaking to their leaders. It’s easy for executives to talk at a very high level about strategy. That kind of talk is so abstract that none of it is memorable.

Rather than telling us about the successful new program roll out strategy, tell us about those moments when you weren’t sure. Tell us when things went sideways. Tell us about what surprised you. And bring us into those moments with you. Describe what you saw, heard and felt.

If you simply stay at a high level and tell us what you learn, then we tune out. If you take us with you on your journey, we’ll hang on every word.