Secrets to Building Great Teams

March 29, 2024

Everyone knows about the “Trust Fall” – The old hackneyed team-building exercise. And then there’s the rope courses that simulate the feeling like you could lose your life if you don’t depend on your teammates. But as my mentor said, “It all goes out the window when you get back to the office.”

Here are a few tips to building stronger teams that actually work:

1. Shared Adversity
We actually tend to bond more when we’re struggling through something together. But the challenge is making it work-related. Here is a team-building example from the founder of Pictionary.  Even if it’s being together through drudgery, that’s where some of the best (and funniest) conversations can happen.

2. Get in Movement
There’s a reason the armed forces march in synchronization, for hours. My team and I used to go for hikes together. My current client is now doing group walks around the office building.  We all could use a reason to get out of our chairs, and plus – the best ideas come when we’re away from our computers.

3. Shadowing
There’s no better way for team members to both understand and appreciate what others do than having them sit down for at least an hour and watch someone work.  This can also be used to help team members understand people’s roles outside of their own departments.  Organizational empathy goes a long way to building company culture.

As always, don’t believe me.
Just try it and see what happens.