Share what you want to keep (and grow)

June 7, 2015

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When I was a culture strategist at Zappos, I learned that culture becomes a self-reinforcing positive feedback loop when it’s shared. So the the tours and free culture books refresh the culture when people come in with appreciation, energy and new ideas.

Culture becomes a self-reinforcing positive feedback loop when it's shared. Click To Tweet

This concept of “Share what you want to keep” is going to keep expanding in my opinion. Most recently, AirBnB decided to share its discovery engine for others to use.

Aerosolve is what Airbnb came up with to process all that data. And Thursday it is made available under what we call “open source” — a free download so developers can build their own smart recommendation engines based on the work Airbnb has already done with machine learning.

Why would they do that? Beyond the good will, others could improve the platform.

How can you share more of your insights and innovations? It can sustain your culture and feed it by welcoming others into the conversation.