Ideas and Execution

June 24, 2012

I asked my friend Chance what his best advice would be for me in writing a book. He said, “The best advice I can give you is the one piece you don’t want to hear… JUST WRITE IT… One idea fully executed is worlds better than a thousand great ideas that go nowhere.”


Quickly thereafter I would write 5 pages a day, and then locked myself in for 4 days to do nothing but writing. And now I have a working copy of my thoughts on creating a great place to work, called The Culture Blueprint.


While Chance’s advice was key, here is what I consider to be the leverage point:


Separate your idea versus execution time. 


In other words, consider these as two different people. When you are in a wild storm of ideas, take them all down. But when you execute do NOT let the idea person in the room. That person is not welcome. That person will mess up the process. They have good intentions, but they will derail your inner executer.