Not important? Throw an off-site.

August 26, 2013

Here’s how you can tell if your company does not really care about a corporate initiative – You throw an off-site. What? Yes.

I’m sure you have good intentions, but there’s nothing that conveys, “Man I wish we were just done with this and could move on” like a good old-fashioned all-day off-site that everyone forgets within a few months. Because here’s the thing…

Anything we really care about, we do often. We don’t schedule it for one day a year. We do it as much as we can. Every day if possible.

If you say you value culture, and you know it’s driving the company, how could it not be part of your everyday process, thoughts, and interactions?

You can tell what’s important to a person by how they spend their time and their money. The same is true of a company. Take a look at where the focus is, what’s constantly discussed and where resources are invested. That’s what people actually value.

Now, do you want to keep it that way, or do you want to shift to what’s most important to you and make it a part of your everyday?