Willingness: The uber value

December 8, 2010

Values are the DNA that run our lives.  Whatever it is that drives you, there’s a value there. Whatever you wish you had more of, there’s a value there.  What you admire in others…a value.


But what if certain values were more valuable than others?  What if there was a value that created leverage for us to achieve all the other values?


To me that value is willingness…


Willingness to try new things.
Willingness to listen.
Willingness to follow your heart.
Willingness to be wrong, or even do what’s “wrong.”
Willingness to act irrationally.
Willingness to do it, despite the fear.
Willingness to fail.


It’s had a huge impact on my life over the past several months…


I spent half my life trying to be vegetarian, now I’m experimenting with the Paleo diet, and learning from all the vegans who have debunked the China Study. I grew up Jewish and studied it intensely, now I’m learning immensely from the channeled readings of Christ in A Course in Miracles. I’m even dating the kind of women I thought I would never be with, and I’m having a blast.


Willingness disarms a very dangerous belief. It’s the belief that we know what’s best for ourselves and for others. Now keep in mind, the keyword here is “belief.”   How many times in your life have you wanted something (or somebody), and then it wasn’t all that great? Now instead imagine you are willing to let go of your desires. Imagine that maybe you don’t know what’s best for you. But you’re willing to experience, to listen, to fully engage in the moment.  Then rather than imagining what’s good for you (a belief), you will know it for certain.


That’s the process of knowing. I call it real-time fulfillment.